How to open particular Excel Sheet

Hey everyone, I just wanted to know that is there anyway to open a specific excel sheet in UiPath?

The problem I am facing is that if another excel file is opened and I run the script in UiPath, it fails to open the excel file.

For example: UiPath is suppose to open xyz.xlsx and I have an opened excel file abc.xlsx. So it starts working in abc.xlsx instead of opening xyz.xlsx.

I am trying a way by which regardless of another excel is open or not UiPath script should open the xyz.xlsx file.

Thank you for your time.

Hi @Muhammad_Anas_Baloch ,

You can use Excel Application Scope, with Visible property checked.

In this case the excel will open. Later you can close it using close workbook activity.



In Modern activities, you can use Use Excel File activity inside Excel Process Scope and make show excel window property of Excel Process Scope activity to True.

Hope it helps.


Thank you so much the second part worked for me! :slightly_smiling_face:

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