Select the date of calender content

Here i have to select the date according to the user input from the input dialogue, but the selector is taking in the format of table as shown below

How to select the selector dynamically for coloumn and the row

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Refine your selector by passing variables.

  1. First find the week of the month for the date selected.
  2. Use the aaname attribute to pass the date.

you may also have to include a click to go to next month if the return date does not fall in the current month.


If you know JavaScript you can Inject Javascript to achieve the same.


Can you please send here the selector for this!!!
(After selecting the particular date)
Aman Sheik

@aman_sheik, please check the above selector , i want to select the tableCol and tableRow and apply the selector


Can you please open the UiExplorer and indicate same element and check the aaname for the above selector and send it to me


@aman_sheik got the solution thanks

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