Select printer on Chrome Browser

Hello all,

I would like to print a document on a special printer in the Google Chrome browser, which does not work via Select Item.

How can I address the drop down menu to be able to select a specific printer?

Hello @NHoe ,

i had the same issue, but i was able to do it using Send Hot key
Tab and Space, down … up

Something like this.

I hope it helps.


Hi @wasea
Thanks for your solution, I have tried that, but it only works as long as no new printer is added. Are there any other solutions?

Not a good solution, but click images did work in my case.

Hi @moenk , i have the same problem, , there must be a correct solution!?
select Item

I dont know a good solution. If you automate Chrome, you are using the plugin, that is changing the DOM of the website a bit. The dialogs in Chrome are also kind of website, but the pluging does not interact with them. I am also curious if there is a good solution, even clicking images and using hotkey are not so stable.

are there any other solutions to this issue?