Select one row in the SAP table

I need to select one row in the SAP table and click the print button. The problem is that I cannot understand how to select the line I need using Uipath. Now users select the necessary lines by clicking to the left of the table on the squares. I tried to hold down the ctrl and click with the mouse, but only the text in the cell is highlighted, not the entire line.

Hi Sosnin,

I did a quick test of your scenario and I was able to accomplish this by using click relative. If you indicate the element that contains “ZPRO” as your anchor and then indicate the block to left of the text that will select the entire row when clicked, the robot will be able to find the correct anchor element and then click relative to its position where you indicated and the entire row will be selected.

Hello Tom
i want to add a new row and select the hole row in SAP which i add.
the new row items are saved in UiPath variables, so i cant search directly for variable values.
could u help me with it :slight_smile:

Hello Leo,

This may not be the most elegant solution but it worked for me…

If you use a click text activity to identify the text you typed that is stored in your variable and then use the offset x and y properties to click on the actual “box” to select the row this will work. This should work on the principle that the sap button to select an entire row will always be in the same position on the monitor in relation to the text box you have entered your text into. You will need to adjust the x and y position of your click to work for your specific instance. I would also recommend making sure you are always maximizing the windows you are interacting with, for consistency. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi TomG!
Thanks for the answer, I just solved my problem.

Hello Tom,
thank you for your help :slight_smile:
its work now.
!!! FYI !!! another way to do it
mark a SAP line by click on the text ( cell ) and use Hotkey " Shift + space" :wink:

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