Select Entire Row in SAP Grip


My requirement is I want to select the entire row one by one from SAP Grid, but I am unable to do that…

Can any help me on this…


Do you want to get the value?
If that , you can use Data Scraping to get the entire datatable first.



Use Dara Scraping to read data from table grid and will give you output as dataTable and then iterate it and read one by one row.

[quote=“aisling.bai, post:2, topic:108288”]
ou can use Data Scraping to get the entire datatabl

I want to get the value by click of button on top of grid, that button will be enabled on selection of entire row…

Hello! I have the same problem, I need to select a row in the SAP table. Do not count, but only select. How did you solve this problem?

@sosnin Hello… Can you explain your exact requirement…

please anyone help. i want to select a row in table