Uipath in SAP how to select several rows together?

Hello i need some support here.
1:when i want to select several rows in SAP, i use send hotkey and click, it is only click one row, how can i select multirows?
2: i have in excel the defined number of rows, how could i ask bot to just click the defined rows? i tried click with variable selectors, it failed.

thank you very much

HI @mingzi.dugu

to the question 1: if SAP allows to select multiple line, you can also do it with UiPath. It really depends on SAP transaction. Please check first, if you can perform multi selection manually. In some case helps to select one line and select the next one with CTRL+click. You need to experiment. Once you know how to do it manually, it would be easy to do it with UiPath

to the question 2:
read the similar thread here: Select right Row in SAP view

or use https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/table-cell-scope activity to enter the row number

Best regards, Lev

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