How to click element which not appears on the screen

I’m totally new to UiPath.
I’m working on automation of our system by using UiPath.
Here’s my current problem that I can not click elements which don’t appear on the screen.
I tried to use send hotkey(page down) to go down and click the element but it’s hard to figure out how many times to push page down key because the place of element changes sometimes.
I want to make going down the page until finding a element which don’t appear on the screen and finally click a checkbox next to the element.
I already made a work flow just like down below but it’s speed is not fast enough.

  1. while (goes down until find text element)
    1-1.text exists (find if the element appears on the screen)
    1-2.if (if there is the element on the screen, do click checkbox next to the element. otherwise goes down untill find the element)

Plz help me to make it right!! Thanks in advance!

In the Click Activity, Check Simulate Click option in the properties panel.
So simulate click works in the background for not visible text.

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Thank you for your response!
Does it work when the place of element changes time to time?


Just observe the change pattern in Elements and try to make your selectors dynamic :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot!
You means that I can make it click just by checking simulate click in the proprerties?
So that i don’t even need to use page down key to go down and find the element on the screen.

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Thanks!! it works perfectly!
You saved me!

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even after changing the checking simulate click to true its shows error:
invalid mode parameter in click method

Hey @pratap

Well will you please confirm first.? are you using windows 10 as target operating system to automate on?
if so then it might happen due to target technology support in the background due to modern UI in windows 10.

so for now you can go with send window message activity to use it for background automation where simulate click does not supports target technology.