How to click on element which are not visible in page with scroll bar

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Can anyone let me know how to click on element which are not visible on window screen, to manually click we need to scroll down and then click on element.


have you tried to check this box ?


Yes I tried that too.

I am using a desktop application tried with web the click is working as expected even if the scroll bar is present.

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You can use Keystroke activity “page down key” and then use Click on element. (Or)

Kindly check and verify the selector for the particular Click on element using UiExplorer.

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Hello @atulmotade,

I’ve attached an .xaml file that I hope can get you the idea for solving it.

findElement.xaml (7.0 KB)



@Palaniyappan Hi Sir ,
can the above issue be addressed , I tried with Element exist , on element appear No luck …
Element exist : it says element exist , but it is not getting clicked which is inside scroll bar…
page down does not workout since application has not enabled that feature.

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Hi @new_user19

Is simulate click enabled
we can click on the scroll bar (the empty space) so that the page gets scrolled faster and then we will be able to click on the element we want

Kindly let know for any further queries or clarification

@Palaniyappan thanks for the reply and soltn…but have tried both …
with simulate click , no luck
with click on scroll bar : have no idea when to be clicked …dynamically data will be displayed…sometimes only 2 datas so need of scroll bar , sometime so many where scroll bar comes up…
say I will attach 2 images how I have done what exactly is coming
1st image :
unstrucutred data

I have done like

Get visible text : put into one datatable : dt
send hotkey : end
get visible text : put into one datatable : dt1
both append it like : dt+Environment.newline+dt1
then generatedatatable : assign a o/p variable
remove duplicate rows : this is used because i have 2 visible text : so chances of two times text gets scrapped

then use write range actviity and put the generated o/p variable to sheet.

so I get o/p like this

But the above one is wrong correct
I need like below in excel sheet
Title Username Expiry
Amazon AAAA some date
Flipkart BBBB date
Snapdeal CCCC some date

So you want to scrape the table from that application and get the output and write that as table in excel
is it so
kindly correct me if i m wrong

@Palaniyappan Yes Sir…but if u see there issome subdivision like Bangalore ,Kukatapally I do not want that … just need the Amazon those details…
IF i use

get Full text

, I am getting only Titles no username and expiry … but IF i use

get visible text

, u saw above how am I getting …here data scrapping doesnt work

Did we try with FIND CHILDREN activity @new_user19

@Palaniyappan … Sir , I did something using while loop and pgdown get visible and were able to get the entire details …
Now the issue is as shown below image

as all I need like below Sir ,

I have attached the sheet also . , the o/p to be like sheet2
excel_string.xlsx (11.0 KB)

Please help in…I used Set Ordineal method but I was getting error because of these date
as one column had date in correct fromat where as rest had in string.

May I know how is the data extracted @new_user19


have done avbove thingg …after extracting …put the generated data table to excel using write range …then I get o/p as in excle sheet like I have shared above

have replied it…

@nadim.warsi @ImPratham45 … I am facing similar issue like above how this user s facing…
can this be addressed …like that Excel sheet which that newuse has uploaded one …
concatenation of 3 columns where few cells are in DATE and few are in STRING …

can u explain it in more details

hello @ImPratham45 like in above excel image

In this , B , C and D column has Date values correct but B column has Date in DAte type format , D has Date in String format … So, at End result I want combination of B,C and D …like 22-06-2020 … That excel sheet provided in this forum excel_string.xlsx …there sheet 1 has issue but I need result to be like in sheet2 from sheet1.