Select multiple row from web based table


I am working on IE in which i have to select multiple rows as you can see in image manually we can select with Ctrl+click(I have to press ctrl and click on multiple file which i want to select).

but in uipath i can not find any activity

please provide a solution for these

Try Select Multiple Item Activity

Or if you can select it manually, try to Send Hot Key (CTRL) than click using loop to select all items…



what will be next action after you do ctrl+click manually?
suppose its just downloads a file means you can scrape data to Datatable and loop through, if you want in real time ctrl+click means use the right_click property in click activity and choose open in new tab/window


Hello Megharajky

After selecting multiple rows than click to attach option

But i need to press ctrl and click simultaneously


I had a similar scenario,
On web application table, click on one colum item’s link goto that page, update and save, -> repeat for all.

What we did was we scrapped the data, so the link was dynamic, found the dynamic selector, click on that item, update and click back button…
We kept, click->update->cllick back button inside the loop

is this similar?


Hello megharajky

I want to select multiple column at a time and after that click on attach button

Okay got it,
after scraping the data before entering the loop pass the hotkey CTRL and continue into a loop to click based on the business rule.

But CTRL DOWN and CTRL UP option not available in uipath

Tell me something @malam9384 you want to download all attachments right ??

no need of CTRL DOWN, you can use only CTRL and use the click activity, this will work for you

Hello Megharajky

Can you explain with steps
how can i use at a time CTRL and click activity

it can works depending on the application if after the first click will keep the selection mode on table

If i have click on first row its selected , than click on second row, automatically un selected first row

See Parallel Activity might help, such as multi-thread, or Data Scrap the table and try to get all the file url/name by the column File and download using http request

I don’t want to download file.
I want to select multiple row at a time after that click on attach button

The Click activity has a KeyModifiers property that can be set to Ctrl. Then the bot will ctrl+click instead of just click.

To select manually multiple rows I have to press (CTRL + each row)

but with uipath click activity with keyModifiers CTRL not work.

@malam9384 - ideally, it should work with Key Modifier but if it not working for any reason I would suggest alternative approach :
Approach 1 :
a. Just check if the control has any attribute like “Selected Items” or similar which holds all the selected value.
b. If yes then use this attribute and try using Set Web Attribute activity.
Approach 2 :
a. try and find out the attribute which differentiate between selected and non selected items.
b. use find children activity and loop through all the rows and set the attribute (of step a) value to selected value.