How To Select Multiple rows in an java Application

Pls for your support and help as, I am trying to select multiple rows in the Java Application, I use find children activity and using FOR loop and Get Attribute activity I can able to select one row at a time by using click activity. but when FOR LOOP takes the next value. selector leaves the current item and select new item. I tried Key Modifiers for ctrl+click but still it could not hold previous selection and it select the new item only. Manually I can select multiple items by ctrl + click.

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Ctrl + click isn’t a optional solution to go for

If you are using send Hotkey on after the other, Ctrl +Click
Ctrl is pressed after releasing, hence selection is lost

Actually you’ll need to dig in to that application and understand other ways to select multiple items

is there a option to search? eill the search keep selection? Just like in excel… Is it possible in your application?
if so you can search the element over by one and select them

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Thanks for the replay, Is there any option to press Ctrl which holds till my FOR Loop executes completely . so that I can select the the items on my choice with the help of IF activity.

Application Search Options is not that much flexible the way I want.

Try this way:
1 - Click on the row you need
2 - Send hot key shift + down, or shift + pagedown, shift + home

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