How to select multiple lines with column on web-based table with the same number at the same time

Hi all, I want to select multiple lines in a table having the same numbers. This is done manually by pressing CTRL + the relevant line. I would like to achieve this as well using a uipath activity.

As shown in the screenshot below, the two lines highlighted have the same numbers, and i need to select them at the same time.


Is there any other way of doing it rather than ctrl + line.

Also, try to use send hotkey for control & click text activity with the number for the line, how it will react in this case.


Thanks for your response,

Ctrl+line is the only way to select the items

I can use Ctrl (hotkey) + line with the number, but that only clicks the first line, do you have any idea on how it can click the next line with the same number?

Hi @Chinyere_Ordor

follow these steps

First use send hot keys and do a ctrl down only and then perform the click activities for each line you need

then do a ctrl up using send key again

Once you get the selector with the required value in it then increase the idx value to find a similar element next to it


one of many options could be:

retreive with find children / For each UI Element the lines with the dedicated number
then process the result e.g. click with Key Modifier CTRL

Can you explain this further, i don’t quite understand

Hi @Chinyere_Ordor

You want the ctrl to be pressed and held till you click all the rows right?

so in type into give [d(ctrl)] which will press it and keep and for releasing use [l(ctrl)]

In the activities between them perform your clicks on each row that you need


Hi @Anil_G


Yes but i want it to select specific numbers

For instance: I have the number 1234, I want to check the table for lines that have just 1234 and select them. Say I can see three lines with 1234; I tried pointing it to select all three 1234, but it only selects the first line with 1234 and does not move on to the next.

Hi @Chinyere_Ordor

You have to refine the selector and in selector try identifying somethign like inner text or name which contains the value and make it a variable and pass it to select only those rows


Hi @Anil_G

Since they are the same number, the innertext is the same since the three lines have “1234”

I thought of using the next column “Line” since the numbers vary but click activity only identifies one element at the same time

Hi @Chinyere_Ordor

add an attribute idx to it and change the idx as 1 for first…2 for second ans so on till the selector fails to select all rows matching

Looks like this
<wectrl tag='div' innertext='abc' idx='1' />


you can as well use for each ui element and modify the innertext alone so that it clicks on all with that innertext