Select Item using Looping

I am developing a robot to edit many users in a page,However the first Looping the activity of CLICK works because I select the button that the Studio needs to click, but when the second looping starts, the Click selected is lost, not find the button on the page to click.
I realized that the name of the button change after ao change the users and back to dashboard to change the next.
I need something to ever click in the same button or the application discover the name of the button.

What does your selector looks like?
Might need to use dynamic selector?

Yes, I need to click in a row of a Table, where wich row is about a user name, but always clicking in this button and back again, the name of the user change the position. So I need something dynamic .

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As you already know, for this you got to need a dynamic selector because for each record it’s going to be different. So the best option to figure it out would be to use the UI Explorer.

Open the ui Explorer and indicate double of buttons to see how the selectors between the buttons change. Try to find a unique value that change for each button, which you can use to locate the proper button you want to click. And using that, make your selector dynamic by providing that value from a variable.

Say for example the username in the selector…

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Can you please share us the selectors of the first 3 - 4 buttons you need to aumtomate.


Hi there @Jhonatan_Souza

If you are comfortable using anchor base activity then a dynamic selector might also not be needed, just give relative anchor in the UiExplorer and then it will click based on a single attribute of the selector (like btnClass, id, or the aaname/html InnerText) it’s just that you will need to format the Anchor if I am not wrong.

Also can you share a few similar selectors so that common things can be weeded out and the unique ones can be generalized with a string format?