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I have the following problem I want to select a button on a website and inside that button there is a name I would like UiPath to just click on the button because when I change companies this button will have another name so the UiPath does not continue with the automation why does it can’t find the name of the previous company on the button


I beleive you are using the button name or text field in the selector avoid using it as the name is changing

you can use ui explorer to find a best selector which is common across the company pages. Try playing with the top center and top right menus in ui explorer to find a good selector


hi @william_emanoel

As the aaname on the button is changing can you try to find if the class on the button can be used to identify, or any anchors could be used to identify?
OR if you are getting this company name from some variable, maybe you can make the selector for this button dynamic by including some wildcards and company name?

Hi @william_emanoel

U can change the selectors in click activity by passing a variable into it so that it clicks the button accordingly.
Try Changing the inner text or else aaname in Ui Explorer.


Hi @william_emanoel

Open the selectors of the click activity there is some attribute with name of the button. Use the wild cards like asterisk by changing the selector attribute. If aaname = “TCS” then change it to aaname = “*”. If it was any name in the click button it will click on button.

Hope it helps!!