Select Item: Cannot select Item

Hi friends, I got this error while selecting the item. Please assist

what ever the item that you want to select the item from the drop down first select that item in the drop down list then use select item activity to select and now indicate for the selector

Hi there,

Check the page source using inspect element and check for the class of the multiple item select/select item element and search for the same attribute in the UiExplorer (try all automation framework modes) and include that int he ‘select item’ activity selector and then you can give the exact string.

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I didn’t get that


Which part?

I guess unless you share the website URL and let me have a look at it I can’t ‘really’ solve your issue but here is what I have about the select item - building the selector.

I am sure you have access to work items from if not then register yourself and reset test data.

First you have to navigate to work items - then open a work item in that and you should get the following page.

Then click on ‘Update work item’ button and you will get a popup.

Later when you indicate the element having the label ‘New Status:’ it shows the following error:

So you go to UiExplorer from the studio and indicate the element again, and here is the visual tree of the elements in that popup webpage.

In the above image you ccan see

and three nodes under the main DIV. Select the by double clicking it and a new selector should appear.

And expand the ‘unselected items’ from the attribute selection window and pick the class ‘Selectpicker’ in which all the statuses are housed.

Then when you save it - put whatever status you want in a string - of which the status should match the case, meaning, the exact match of the item that you are going to select must be given as input. (You can see the changed selector and the “Completed” option for selecting the item)

So this is one way to select the item that you want to pick.

Exceptions : There are some times when you will not be able to select it until all the elements load in the multiple options then you can add an extra click to expand the items (with a simulate property) and then select the item (either using click or select item.) When you are dealing with IFrames the options might not load until a click event is passed hence the exception.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:



first select item that you want to select from the list and then indicate for the selector try this