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Hello, everybody,

in the online Academy Level 3 Advanced Training a drop down menu with a select item activity must be activated and “Completed” must be selected.

Unfortunately I can’t get any further here.

The error message is:
Select Item: Attribute not supported by the current UiNode.

I found that using Simulate Click worked better for this, but I believe there’s a solution to using Select Item as well.

This activity does not have this property.

you can replace that activity, using 2 click activity, the first click is over the dropdown, the second is to select the “completed text” using the F2 key to delay and get the desired text.
Regards! @Kytyzow


I meant if you use a Click activity, using a Simulate Click on the hidden Completed item will work. However, using Select Item, you need to have the selector set to the parent element of the list item you’re setting. You can find this in UiExplorer.

Thanks for the help, I ended up doing the same. Just wanted to do it without a workaround :slight_smile:

But I think with Firefox it works a little bit different.

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