Select Item Activity Not Working on this website

I’m not sure what is going wrong but I can’t get UiPath to select anything from the 2 dropdowns on this website (using the select activity or click activities).

In search by I need to select “License Number”
In Professions I need to select “certified public accountant”

Does anybody know how to accomplish this? Thank you

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If select item is not working then try using Type into activity and type “License Number”.

Pls mark it as a solution if resolve your issue.



Interesting - the UiExplorer seems to act differently depending on whether it’s a click or a type into. And that site seems either deliberately obfuscated or is total spaghetti code.

Either way, if you read the code of the site and you apply your knowledge in UiExplorer, you can isolate the element a la:

See attached xaml - I got both typing into and clicking to work:
Main.xaml (12.3 KB)

Thanks that worked!

Thanks! I couldn’t open the file but that is a good alternative solution to using type into.

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