How to find an element which is below screen visibility?

Hi All,

I want to click on target element which is below the screen visibility. And No. of scrolls are dynamic on each login.
How can I search for that element and click on it?

Please help me with the logic building.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


You can use element exists activity it will return you a boolean value


If true then you can continue the steps

Or in modern activity you can also use check app state


Hey @Vaishnav_Tej ,
Use mouse scroll activity and Keep Scroll type to “to element”
Now you can indicate your target
Basically it scrolls down until it finds your target





Ideally if you use simulate click it would automatically try to identify that…

If thats not working try using hover activity first…then use a click


Then next option would be to use a mouse scroll activity and click together in a loop…like use element exists or find element and if found then click if not found the use a mouse scroll activity

Hope this helps


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