Stop the scrolling using element exist

Hi, kindly assist me.

I need to screenshot while scrolling until end. So how i want to stop it? There is a ‘word’ for every end of it, i used element exist to stop it if see that ‘word’. But then, element exist see that ‘word’ before start scrolling it. Any idea?

We can try with RETRY SCOPE ACTIVITY where in the above part use the send hot key activity with key as down
And in the condition part we can use the same element exists activity and choose that element
So once after seeing the element and if that condition satisfied them the bot will stop scrolling down

cheers @syaheed22

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but the bot always see that element(‘end of word’) without scrolling it.

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Hi @syaheed22

Continually taking screenshot and page down until the new screenshot equals to the last one.
This method is apply to just about all of the case which include scroll bar.

Is send hot key with down key is used in that do part of RETRY SCOPE
And while using ELEMENT EXISTS activity ensure that waitforready property is set as COMPLETE

Cheers @syaheed22

If Bot always find the element as true even it is not shown is screen, Is it the case? then you need to check for selector, when ever it appears then only bot has to identify, try to find a unique selector like aaname=invisible / visible, if possible

Thanks @syaheed22

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Hi all,

Thanks for your help. I just use OCR, and find the element which is word with contain.