How to select multiple rows in SAP

Hello folks,

As a part of my requirement, I need to select the rows in Purchase Oders (ME23N) in SAP. Now, I have stucked with selecting multiple rows in SAP at a time. I also tried with Ctrl a but, its not working. Could anyone suggest.

Hi @ushu,

I think you should post more information on what you are working on.
Like a screenshot etc.


Hi @ushu,
If you need to select rows literally in SAP, would ‘Select All’ button help? In my layout of ME23N it is placed just under the table.Select%20all

Thanks for your reply. Done with that.

Could any one suggest how to extract the specific data from browser like title, name etc.

Hi @ushu, did you apply the way with ‘Select All’ button as I suggested, or some other way?
As for your next question, it may depend how much the data is structured. Some materials related to scraping may be found on:
Work with UI Elements for UI Automation with Studio (check e.g. from 14:23) or : Work with UI Elements for UI Automation with Studio
Do they solve your issue?

Thanks PAD.

I passed ctrl a through hotkey. It was working now. Thanks for your suggestions.