Citrix Calendar dynamic selection

Hey Guys
I need a bit of help with that, i’m really stuck, i have to made an dynamic action, the robot need to select the “end of” (i get this part) and search for a dynamic date in the calendar, it always chance, and i’m not able to use the type into activity because this camp don’t let the manual input, just let to select a date, the problem is, the calendar is in a server, so i’m using citrix automation, don’t know what to do really, help me please! attach an informative screenshot


thanks in advance, Regards!

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may i know the steps that we do manually on selecting the date, so that we can replicate that in uipath activities

Cheers @fernando_zuluaga

sure! check…
First: Click on that icon (it’s no problem of course) (first red circle)
second: click on the red circle(2), it let us to navigate to the third part
third: click in the red circle again, let us navigate to search the year we need
fourth: here he need to select the year we want here
fifth: after select the year, we are now able to select the month
sixth: for end the selection, just get the day we want, and it’s the end…

all the steps to made, of course not ever would be the same date

and the format the date i have to put in calendar is that

i found the solution, if any want or need that, send me a message, i’ll share the workflow


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