Select Clipping Region (Click and drag)

Due to some terrible selectors (but a rigid layout) in the software I’m automating, I’m using ClippingRegion with my selectors quite frequently when getting text from the screen.
Could a feature be added that allows you to select the clipping region within the chosen selector by clicking and dragging the mouse, rather than having to use trial and error to get the right area, or load a print screen into a graphics package to find the coordinates.

Hi @andrewjames

Fair point. As a workaround, I would suggest you to use the Click activity. If you drag it instead of clicking, you will get a clipping region you could copy for your other activities:

It is a valid request though to make this feature available for the Set Clipping Region activity :slight_smile:

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I am not sure I understand what exactly you need. Can you give me a screenshot of how you do it and how you would like it to be?
Also, did you check Maciej’s suggestion?


I think it was about a button that activates the selector-type selecting that you can then use to fetch a clipping region straight away (without using the Click activity to get the values)

Right now it opens this:

It could have this somewhere:


That’s spot on.

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I like you idea. it works within an anchor element. what about outside an anchor element? Would you kindly help on this! that can be used to get information from a picture near the anchor element