Click Activity Clipping Region

Hi folks,

When using the click activity, I noticed that when I hold down ‘Shift’ button and highlight the target element, the click activity’s ‘clipping region’ in the properties will be populated. I am abit confused by what the clipping region means, I understand that the definition provided by the click activity’s Target.Clipping Region as shown here - , is defined as

  • Target.ClippingRegion - Defines the clipping rectangle, in pixels, relative to the UiElement, in the following directions: left, top, right, bottom. It supports both positive and negative numbers.

Does this refer to the coordinates of where element is relative to the left, top, right and bottom of the page?

Thanks in advanced!


Hi @robot_learner

If no selector is set, then the clipping region will be in relation to the entire screen. If you set the selector, then the clipping region will be in relation to the center of the specific UI element.

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The way I read this question, the user is asking “If I want to select the entire 1366x768 pixel) screen, what values do I put in for Clipping Region?”
Maciej’ answer seems to say that “to select the entire screen, CLEAR the selector and put in 0,0,1365,765 to get the entire screen.”
Is that correct?