Click image clipping region

The example in the attachment. What am I doing wrong?
I need to click on the picture in the area located relative to the element.
I use clipping region in properties. But the picture is not in this area …
Knowledgeable people help please.Example.7z (740.8 KB)

@Russia_N_Novgorod Why you want to use click Image activity here because the element is being clickable by Click activity

I just took this interface as an example.
Imagine that it is not clickable.
The task is to find the picture relative to the element strictly horizontally (in a row). Not in the top line, not in the bottom, but strictly in this line.

If we take Anchor base, then it returns True even if the element is a line above.
It should not be.

I need to check if there is such a picture in this line to the left of the element or not.

click on the picture if available

@Russia_N_Novgorod you can use like below

Imagine several lines with the same picture on the left, but with different elements (anchors) on the right.
I have a question regarding my example, why is it not working?
Why doesn’t he see this picture in a rectangle?

I need to be able to use clipping region correctly

The question remains open.
As in my example through the Clipping region to find a picture.
Strictly horizontal relative to the element.

Until you think of it yourself, no one will help here (((
And there is no normal documentation on the topic of the Clipping region.

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