Select boxes component is not working inside Data Grid in UiPath form

Hi All,

I want to create a UiPath form which contains a select boxes component. the select boxes placed inside a data grid since the input is a data table.
one of the column in the data table is a list of strings which should be mapped to select boxes component. but I am not able to populate the values in the select boxes

please help me to find a solution on this

Hi ,

Could you Provide us a View on the Input Sample Data and How do you Expect the Data to be shown in the Form ?

Hi @supermanPunch

This is the structure of the input data table

i need output like this inside a data grid


Take a Look at the Below post :

It does not involve a Data Grid I suppose, but It does have the Similar Expected Output that you need.

Let us know if you still need an Alternate solution.

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Thanks for the reply @supermanPunch

i have tried creating form without data grid and it was working fine. but i need to use the data grid since the input is a data grid. ,

As we could see from the image, the Column datatype is a List.

Do you receive a Datatable with a Column Containing a List or How are you preparing the Data.

Could you Explain that part, usually the Type to be used for a Select Box must be a String.

Hi, I have a similar problem.

I am using Edit Grid and assigning the output value to a DataTable datatype:

Within the Edit Grid fields I have Select Boxes:


I know that output Datatype for Select Boxes should be Dict<String,Boolean>. As expected, it is behaving weird as part of Table:

However, how to bypass this? Is there any way to still use Edit Grid and Multiple-selection tool within it?