Select an item in listbox

Hi Team,

I’m trying to select multiple items from the listbox as shown in below screenshot. Requirement is to select 10 items from the listbox if items are greater than 10. If items <= 10 we have to select all.

When I try to hover the entire listbox area, it gives me a different selector as below and in UiPath the output collection is null.

wnd app=‘msaccess.exe’ cls=‘#32770’ title=‘Select Unique Record Identifier’
wnd ctrlid=‘1881’

Whereas when I click on any of the items in the listbox, I get different selector irrelvant to above parent one

wnd app=‘msaccess.exe’ cls=‘#32770’ title=‘Select Unique Record Identifier’
ctrl name=‘Fields in table CTXSYS_CTX_INDEX_SET_INDEXES:’ role=‘list’
ctrl name=‘IXX_INDEX_SET_OWNER’ role=‘list item’

Tried using send Hot Keys but the number of list items in the column varies and unable to find how long keep sending space and arrow keys as well.

Can anyone please help me resolve this issue?
Appreciate your help/inputs.

Thanks in advance!

Starting with send hot keys is a good option for RnD the issue

In such a scenario making benefit from find children activity helped often

  • find all list items
    And use later the found uielements for your actions

Also the count of items can be easily retrieved (= count on the find children result list)
Kindly Note: check the scope and maybe change to FIND_DESCENDENTS

Hi @ppr Thanks for your reply. The problem is Find Children activity is returning null for both the selectors below

  1. wnd app=‘msaccess.exe’ cls=’#32770’ title=‘Select Unique Record Identifier’
    ctrl name=‘Fields in table *’ role=‘list’
  2. wnd app=‘msaccess.exe’ cls=’#32770’ title=‘Select Unique Record Identifier’
    wnd ctrlid=‘1881’
    Tried multiple selector combinations for the selector as all are returning null.
    Hence unable to identify number of items in the list so that I can use Send Hot Keys to select the number.

Hi @Rohan_Upadhye1 this happens sometimes but checking / finetuning selectors should help
Can you check:

find children:
is target selector set to list?

is filter selector set to listitems with wildcad?
ctrl name=‘*’ role=‘list item’ (with brackets as in the screenshot)
is find children setting scope ok? FIND_DESCENDENTS

Hi @ppr, Yup I tried multiple selectors and also used wildcards to finetune the same. But the one you highlighted, returns null with FindChildren activity. I’m still trying various combinations of the selector but no luck so far.

sometimes it helped to use the recorder and do some clicks on the list. Afterwards you can inspect the result and selectors from the record.

You need some patience, I had same case where list box was realy blocking, but finaly it was solved. same to you, we will manage.

Just a few previews what you can do further:

  • sure try the things from previous post

when its failing do another RnD on this:

  • take the Selector created by Click Activity (=Sel# in my following description)
  • Use Sel# Selctor in a type Into / (2nd round a send key) and let enter/send a down key
    Its better to use an item more from the middle in the list

With this above we were able to found out, on how we can interact with a tricky list. So lets see what will work then we can help you to finalize.