How to read the items in listBox in windows application form and store them in datatable?

how to read the items in listBox in windows application form and store them in datatable ?

Did you try select item activity?

yes, but it(select item activity) doesn’t give the output . how to get that cause i was not able to get it .
thank you

Then, did you try full text scrapping method? i couldn’t access UiPath in my work place otherwise i would have tried various methods and give you answers


Here we go.

  • Find Children activity (indicate on the listbox ) .output type (IEnumerable UiElement) (childVar)

  • ForEach Activity loop to iterate through all the UiElement (childVar)

  • Get attribute Activity pass ForEach item in the element property and choose aaname to get each item of the listbox.

  • Finally you can build DataTable or add the value to the existing DataTable using add data row.

GetListBoxItem.xaml (10.4 KB)

This seems same like RPA challenge 6 lol :slight_smile:

instead @ddpadil you can share that link as well :slight_smile: so all things will be at common place :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


I am curious if anyone has solved the issue to the original question. The supplied answer seems to refer to a browser and not a windows form as indicated in the original post. I have tried both with UiPath and another RPA solution to read from multi column listboxes and both applications seem to have difficulty reading from more than the first column.

Try with "Select mulitiple " activity in UiPath 2017.1.* studio version but For now, select multiple works only for web pages. UiPath Team are working on adding support for other type of applications in the next service pack release.

Looks like the “select multiple” activity wasn’t quite what I was looking for. After some tinkering I found that the “Get Attribute” activity looks like it fits my needs for the most part. If I use that and have it grab the “virtualname” attribute that brings back a string with the values I am looking for which I can parse from there.