How to select on a listbox with ctrl click

I can use the selectItem activity very nicely to effectively select on one of many options in a list - BUT in my application - I need to do a ctrl-click so that the application adds my selection to other options already selected.

Can UIPATH do this??? I tried sending a hotkey ctrl before the select activity and also type input - nothing seems to work

TypeInto doesn’t work with these kind of format( specialkey+key) .This acivity will send singel key at a time.
SendHotKey is the appropriate activity in your case.
Please check this.
listbox.xaml (8.7 KB)


Thanks … but I looked at your sample and I don’t think it can solve my problem.
I am using the selectItem activity - which clicks on the one item of a long list box based on the name I enter in the activity.
What I need instead is to get the selectItem activity to do a ctrl-click for the selection instead of just the click.

To use your method - I would have to manually count the number of the list item I wanted and use down arrow and then somehow do ctrl-click - not enter on the items desired.

In other words - I must select multiple items on a listbox by ctrl-clicking each

You could try finding element in the list box .

and sending a Click with KeyModifier(Ctrl) to it

Since it might be not visible on screen, try WindowMessages or SimulateClick first.

Thanks for the help … But … the selectItem activity that I am using does NOT have any of this keymodifier options

I need to be able to select items in the listbox with a ctrl-click - instead of the default which appears to just be a plain click

Are you saying that if I use seletItem first - I can then send a hotkey with ctrl-click?? It doesn’t seem to be that will work because the moment that selectItem clicks - it loses all items already selected

No, SelectItem doesn’t have a key modifier that’s true - what I’m saying is don’t use SelectItem.

Using the first link I posted find the item that you need as an UiElement, and then use Click activity (regular mouse click) - this one has the KeyModifier argument.

OK … I’m trying to understand … the first link posted basically just sent shift-down a couple of times then hit enter

How do I search for the selection I want … then do ctril-click then find the next selection and hit ctrl-click

essentially … I have a list of entries of the listbox that I need to select with ctrl-click and then hit a button

Hi @ankitg,

Here you go for more explanation and solution on selecting the drop down.


thanks it was helpful :slight_smile: