Select Item from Drop Down

How can I select an item from this type of drop down list construction if I have an input string? Ex: I have an input string “Plan” which is to be selected from this type of list structure. OCA_List_Attri

Hi @vasundhara.sharma

1.You can use type into activity directly send hotkey enter
2.Set text activity directly send hotkey enter
3.Select item activity

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Naveen Ch

Use Recording wizard.
Start and stop recording with keystroke for some seconds, while being stopped click button to expand ribbon, wait for the recording to be restored automatically and select desired field from the ribbon.
Stop recording.
Now in “Click” activity you have created selector, which you can now edit and e.g. add variables containing names inside of it.

Hi @vasundhara.sharma,

You may need two activities here…

  1. One Click activity to expand the drop down list.
  2. and another to select the item you want. Since, you have to select the item based on a variable you have (ex: string variable that contains ‘Plan’)… Since there can be many items in the dropdown, to uniquely identify the item you want to select with the value you have in your variable, you will need to update your Selector to a dynamic one to select items in the dropdown…

Updating the selector to a dynamic one by including the variable will work for you… It is actually the most important part there :slight_smile:

Let know if this doesn’t work for you… would be glad to help…