Select a PDF file from the system folder and Pass it as argument to RPA process


Is there any control in Uipath Apps, where we can select a folder from the system and pass its path as input argument to an RPA process?

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Hello Anit,

In ReFramework, we have an option to configure an input folder (under Config.xlsx or Assets in Orchestrator) from where the input files can be read and process (as per business rules).

If this is not what you are looking for, kindly elaborate the use case.

Shahabuddin N

Hey @Shahabuddin_Nadeem ,

I mean any control in Apps, a control like “textbox”,“label” ect.

Hi Anit,

Not sure if related but I am doing a similar WebApp where I am utilizing a file name for later upload in certain cases.

I am using a FilePicker Input which will Upload the file to a Storage Bucket inside the orchestrator. I am also storing the original file name and the dynamically generated file name into the Queue which I am later using to download the file and upload it to my case.

Another solution specific to your case might be a button or an event where, when triggered, it launches a robot process that picks up all of the files from a location based on your input.

I hope this helps.

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You can’t pass file as argument to process as this is not supported still. So better approach would be as follows

  1. Create a file into storage bucket
  2. Pass the file name to UI Path process as input argument.
  3. Into UI Path Process call get storage bucket file
  4. Get it by Name

This way you can achieve the solution.

Please mark it as solution if you are happy with it.

Hi @Arvind_Kumar1, that is exactly what I am doing, apologies for not being clear enough.


I am glad that you are following the approach which i suggested.

Looking at the your requirement this is not possible at the moment. Reason we don’t have any list control for attachment so far neither we can show attachment into Table as there is no type attachment.

so at this moment you can only do from storage bucket. But I am sure this will come soon.

Table and list controls are in Apps :thinking:

Hello Table and list control are there but you can’t bind document to column.

I could imagine a similar process with files linked as follows:

Web App will take file from file picker and upload it to a storage bucket. At the same time it populates a data service with the file names.
Another input box will be a Multiselect dropdown list that is being populated based on the data service contents. This way, you will have an updated list of uploaded files in the storage bucket from which you can select multiple items and pass to a process.

In the performer process you will download and utilize all of the selected files whose names match the ones from the Multiselect dropdown.

Let me know if this helps.


I dont want to bind document to the table, I have a datatable which has file_name, file_path and checked columns. I can bind the required columns from the datatable to the Table control but I want the third column as a checkbox. Is there any way to add checkbox control in the table column?

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You can’t have an input control into Table control. you may need to handle differently into pop-up window on click or on top of header a check box selection on row click into table.

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