Seeking help to scrape 'disposable utensils' data from online marketplace

Hi Everyone,

I am seeking help to create a sequence of activities to extract data from website. Here are the steps to create:

  1. Open
  2. Search: Disposable Utensils
  3. From the listings page 1 to page 100 extract the following:
  • Product Name
  • URL
  • Price
  1. Write the extracted data in MS Excel sheet.

I’ve tried to create it but unable to extract more than 40 records. Need expert help to bypass the anti scraping techniques. Thanks in advance.

Hi @tahiriqbal,

This .xaml is for datascraping. You already have the steps to open the page and navigate.I hope that will be useful.

DataScraping.xaml (7.4 KB)


Thanks, but that’s very basic.

Need advanced level scraping sequence to bypass the loops on pagination.

Hi @tahiriqbal,

Can you explain which loops are you talking about? I was able to buy 1000 row of product with this scraping. I thought your problem was that you could get 40 rows.


Hello @tahiriqbal

You can easily do this Table Extraction if youa re using modern designer or iff you are using classic then go with Datascrapping.

If you click on any product it will ask to capture the url and you can choose the prices(any values), so it will create 2 columns (column 1=url, column2=price).

After that it will ask for the navigation button, give the navigation button as > at the bottom(Buttom which helps to navigate to next pages)

You dont need to use any external loops for this. Everything will be handled within the Table extraction itself.

It only extracts 40 rows of data and stops for me. Have you extracted 1000 rows data from lazada?