Extarct Table data from multipale pages using Data Scraping Activaty

I am trying to Extract all pages data using Data scraping Activity and save it into Excel file but it will not work for me.

Need a help.
Main.xaml (11.6 KB)

attached xaml file that I have created.


Can you please explain where it’s not working. Any point where you’re not able to capture data.

Hi singhonkar

When I try to extract for single page it will work, But when I tried for Extract
Page%20Numbers data from multiple pages that time it will not work.

I have attached updated .xaml file.

Thank you.

Main.xaml (15.8 KB)


Can you please confirm whether this icon (>> ) redirect to next page or not ?

If yes, then find a selector for this and follow below steps:

  1. Use do while activity.
  2. Extract table from webpage.
  3. Add element exists activity and save it to a variable.
  4. Click on the >> icon.
  5. This loop will continue till the above variable has true value.

1.Use open browser activity to access the main page.
2.Use data scrapping to extract multiple pages…and navigate to next page.
3.use write range to save the datatabble.
Datascrapping.zip (494.9 KB)


Hi @singhonkar,

Thank for your reply I tried it but its not going to next page.

Pradip P

Hey @monika.c,

You are the Grate,

Pradip P