How to extract lazada search results to excel in multiple sheets without replacing?

Hi, i have several questions of where i am going wrong. I cant figure out on how to extract 2 different product’s data to my excel file without replacing one another. I have tried to do 2 input dialogs, sequences, various variables but i still cant get it to work. Help! My project is due next week!

Hi @r_sreenath ,

Could you maybe provide us with a more detailed explanation of what the process is supposed to do ? And what is implemented for it currently.

I have to use activities that are in the Classic Design Experience interface. I need to retrieve between 200-300 lines of raw data from a lazada website of any product which i have done and sorted into descending order. I have included a flow decision at the end of the automation process to allow me to repeat the search with a different product or to end the product search.
I can extract a single product’s data into a excel sorted but i cant extract a different product’s data into another sheet sorted.

This is the first sequence that works

@r_sreenath ,

Are you using counter variables in the Workflow ? We could use the variables to determine the count of the Product, thus using this counter in the Sheet name property of Write Range Activity to create a different sheet and write the Data.

Currently, Is the Data being over written with the latest product / last product ?

its not being overwritten, as it just fills up all the sheets with the same data and it doesnt count in the 2nd product’s data. sorry wdym by counter variables?