Seeing Status of Transaction Item as Successful when i bulk add the data from excel to Orch Queue


I am using Bulk add Queue items activity in order to upload data from excel sheet to Orch Queues. and below is the action i performed

Scrapped the data —> Write it to Excel —>Read the same data using read range activity —> Added the data into Orch Queues.
Issue is, after adding the data into Orch quques, i am seeing the status of transaction item as “Successful” instead it should be “New” right?

Note: In other cases, i am seeing the status as New.

Please suggest

Screen shot attached

@Ram0803 pls check any other process is using the same queue name. also check -> any get/set transaction activities are placed inside your code.

for a generic verification - you can create a new queue and execute your process and check.

Thanks @GBK, i revisited and it get solved

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