Searching topic in google at run time given by user and return the value to the user

I am working in trial version of uipath , I want the user enter any value at run time in input dialog box to search and then uipath searches in google , find the relative solution(i.e it extract the relative information for e.g if uipath searches automation in google, then uipath just return one line information about it) and then return the result to the user via message box.
Please help me through this.

Hi @programmer
Do you want to get information(one line info) from multiple pages or from the first page or the info that appears on the google page itself?


What is the technique to extract information from first page on Google browser.

  1. Open Google by open browser activity
  2. Type into activity to type into the search area of Google(Indicate the area)
    3.Open the first link by using click activity(make sure you use * in the selector)
    4.Extract information from the page using Scaping/get text etc. activities(This is the most tricky part as you will have different kinds of pages everytime) So you need to make a strong selector for this!

I hope this helps :smiley: Tell me if you want a workflow for this!


Thanks for replying,I already tried what you said and in last part get text activity I got error in applying selector, if you can help me there.

If you can provide any help on this.

It’s a bit tricky to get the data from the first website, which can be any website! So you have to make a selector as such which can work on any website, that seems very hard to me. What you can do is that you can extract the data that appears on the google page itself which you get after searching!

I want to click the first option which is displayed in Google Map when a place is searched. Can any body help?