How can extract the real time web application activity

Can we extract the real time web application activity in uipath.
Example-if using attach browser activity on google website after type in to avtivity in google search,i want real time scraping in this time,what user type in google search button.Is it possible?

Hi @Himanshu_Pratap_Rana

You Can use Input Dialog box activity and set the result into Type into Activity so that each time need to input the text!


Not showing any input dialog

Hi @Himanshu_Pratap_Rana

Disable the modern design experience from the Uipath project settings and create a new process

Refer the thread below!

And your steps should be as follows below.

Input Dialog box to get the input from the user.

Open browser and use type into activity and pass the input dialog box out

Use get text to get the result.


Actually i have a web application and application have user id and pw with submit button,but my process that without disturbing the user,bot crack information back end side and share every information with me,that user what type in login and pw and after submit button,which page open by it possible?

Hi @Himanshu_Pratap_Rana ,

It is possible to get the real time data. When your bot enters user id and pw and click on submit button then give some delay and choose the elements which you want to select and change the aaname to “*”. You should be able to extract the data.

Whenever user click on submit button the next page means result page will have some standard position to show the values. May be the data will be different but elements position will be same. So you can play with your automation.

My Question is different side.

Different side means?

Example-you open a google and after type any word in google search,but i open a google in other system and type other ways.i want extracting your and mine data fetch on real time which typing it and store in any text or db.

I’m not very clear in your requirement but still trying my best to understand.

You meant to say is, if there are 2 user you and me working on different systems and doing google search on our machines. Then you want to extract the data from both the system into some text or db? is it right? if so I’ve few question.

Another system means you login to another system from your system or your bot will be running on both the systems?

Can we integrate uipath with any other software like web application?

Hi @Himanshu_Pratap_Rana ,

Could you please try the below Rest api from Google. Not sure it is for free. we can use cloud search api to get the rela time data from the google search page.


Can we track all activity using by user.Is it possible?

i think it is possible. could you please go little depth on this Rest api provided by google.