Search on multiple columns in Data Table connected to Data Service

I have a Data Table that is connected via Data Service.

I also created a search function. However, I only manage to apply this search function to 1 column. In this example, I am searching on First Name.


The properties of the Dropdown search field are:

The properties of the Search Button are:


The properties of the Data Table are:

I would like a search function, which can search on multiple columns. For example, on First Name and Profession.

I have already tried this with 2 search fields and OR function in the Data source of the Data Table. But this does not work.

Does anyone know how I can create a search function on multiple columns?

@Steyn_Muller1 ,

you can do more than one filter and this return only AND Result. Apps do not more advanced filter enable so far like OR, or and combination etc.

Okay, but AND doesn’t work if I only enter 1 search term, right?

@Steyn_Muller1 ,

AND will work,


At the moment I’ve this.

For the search field:

For the search button:


For the Data Table:

That’s the formula for Data Source.

Filter(Dummy Variables, [Dummy Variables.First Name,“startswith”,var_Main_Input_LookupKey], [Dummy Variables.Profession,“startswith”,var_Main_Input_LookupKey])

When I start the process, it looks like this:

When I search for Henk for example, the Table becomes empty.

What do I do wrong?

The goal is that I can search on First Name and Profession.

So for example 1 time I search on First Name. The other time on Profession. Not at the same time.

Filter Table Solution.docx (239.3 KB)
Hi @Steyn_Muller1

Developed a solution for you , that only works when you select the first name and profession dropdown menu and it will display the result in the table. Currently AND, OR , StartWith function outputs the boolean value and we cannot use in table. Hope it helps you.

Naman Jain

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@Steyn_Muller1 - If this solution helps you, please mark it as a solution

It was not the solution where I was looking for. Thanks for helping!