How to search mutilple strings in datatable column

Hey can somebody please help me with this.

i want to search multiple strings or array of strings from a particular column of datable.
currently i am trying to use this , but it is giving me an error .

inputDT.Select(“Column4 like ‘Cannot find*’” or “‘Bot queue is Empty’”).CopyToDataTable()


Buddy @armamidwar

Kindly check with the below suggestions that might resolve your issue
Usually done like
inputDT.Select("Columnname1 = ‘Columnvalue’)

if you want to compare two Column values

inputDT.Select(“Columname1 = ‘Columnvalue1’ or Columnname1 = ‘Columnvalue2’”)

if you want to compare two column values of half string known

inputDT.Select(“Columname1 = ‘Columnvalue1*’ or Columnname1 = ‘Columnvalue2*’”)

Hope this would help you buddy


Thanks for replying , will check on confirm back soon

HI @armamidwar

Did you try the Filter Data Table activity to check for these conditions and filter?

This might be helpful for you…

Let know whether it helps

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Hey Lahiru,

i am not able to find Filter data table activity in uipath app

Here it is buddy @armamidwar



exactly i don’t have that option here

Download Uipath.system.activities
if you have already, update it

Cheerss buddyy…

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