Copy each row from excel and search in folders

Good morning,

I started yesterday with RPA in UiPath! It is amazing!
My first robot works excellently due to your help!

Now I am working on my second one…
I have a little problem…

My robot should open an excel application and copy each entry and search in different folders for the word, if it finds an entry it should copy the file with the name into a other places.
Can someone help me here out?

The excel file looks like this: image

And it should start the search in the first folder: image
And if it finds nothing, it should search in the next one.
But if it finds an entry with the name then it should copy it into an onther folder.

I hope someone can help me.
Many thanks in advance!

Hi @artem1

Use String.IsNullorEmpty(row(“ColumnName”).ToString

in then set it as empty and in else condition use get text or get attribute to get the file name and then use create directory and process the workflow

Ashwin S

Hi @AshwinS2

many thanks for your reply.
How it would like in UiPath?
Could you provide me a code?


this post may help you @artem1

This is my post :sweat_smile: i think i have a kinda different problem.