Search in Data Service entity works only for the current page

If I search on first page by 255183 value I get no results:

But if I search on the second page I get the result:

I was expecting that search goes trough all pages, so I won’t have to search same value manually page by page, until is found.

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Yes, this feature is essential!

In addition:
Once you search for something in a specific column and want to search for something else in a different column, the program breaks and doesn’t work anymore.

Further, sorting columns does not work at all.

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It is actually part of that case:
Bug on filtering and sorting - Feedback / Data Service - UiPath Community Forum

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Hi @PeCour and @Oana_Georgiana_Vasile,

We have released an advanced search within the Data Service portal that allows users to send targeted searches with specific criteria for records. Here is the link to the documentation and please feel free to give it a try!


@Jack_Miller thank you! I already saw it and think it is a really helpful feature.