Bug on filtering and sorting


Maybe I’m not using the Data Services right. But, while checking the data through Automation Cloud Portal I’ve seen that you can only sort and filter records that are being displayed in the current page you are looking at.

For example, if I have a 100 records, the most I can visualize are 50. If I tried to sort them by any of the fields or search, it will only filter or sort the records I’m currently visualizing. Since Records are being introduced into the list in a chronological basis, it’s really dificult to visualize them correctly from the platform.

You should be able to sort and filter all records in an data entity.

Hi @RockSolid - You are correct that this a gap in Data Service today.

We are going to fix it this year with support for filtering and sorting on the Data views on the portal. Our focus has been to enable more scenarios for RPA developers and Robots first till now.

Can you please share a bit more on your use case? We can ensure that our solution will meet your needs.

Hi Ankit

I too has the issue that the portal will only search in the displayed rows.

I have 1368 rows in the dataservice at this point, and a workflow that does a Query to check if the row is already existing, if it doesn’t find a match it’s really difficult to doublecheck if the coding in Studio is incorrect or the row just isn’t existing in the entity.

A temporary solution could be a complete download of the entire entity as a CSV, just like it works in Queues.

Hi Ankit,

Yes, my case is similar to Ankit. Not only that, but we may want business users to manage some of the entities in the future, so they won’t have the luxury to be able to use UiStudio to query all data.

Thanks @Michaeljep and @RockSolid - We definitely hear you and want do the query/sort capability on our portal soon this year.

In addition, our plan is to enable easy & direct integration of Data Service with UiPath Apps. That will allow you to create custom views as required for your users.


+1 to this thread!

I also had an issue with the search/filter function in the Data Service.

Please give the feature to filter the full data set or we cannot use data service as the perfect solution to self-service the new addition and modification of the cloud-data.

Once we have that we can then talk about bulk-update

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Thanks @Danieltwnz for your feedback, every voice/vote helps us prioritize better.

Came to the forum specifically to suggest this, so I’m glad it’s on your radar. A query option is the main thing that the Data Service is missing right now. Right now I have to write a bot to output the data service to Excel where I can properly filter for specific values.

Do you have an updated target date for this enhancement?