Search failed at selector tag, The closest matches found are: [85%]

im trying to build an automation to fill some fields but the tab change the number every time and i cant get a match to select, keep geting 95/85% and it dont work, is that a way to use this 95% match or that when he opens the web page he identify right

the single thing that changes is this number in the link and in the page, but i dont use the link to get there

the error im getting

Can u share the screenshot of selector opened in ui explorer

when its working

when i refresh the page and the number change

Hi @Leonardo_Andreola is there any chnage in webctrl id attribute value

it changes, i get the id when validated and refresh the page and get the id again in the ui explorer

can u trying using this attribute value c_* for webctrl id attribute

it works for the first element: No Conta
the Nome/ Razão Social and CPF he gets the search failed at selector tag

Do you know what is causing the number changes on the page? It’s possible you could create a dynamic selector, if you understand where those number changes are coming from.

Otherwise, you can always refine your selector to include wild cards and then add in more options from the tree to help secure it.

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If the Id always change you can use aaname and remove the id

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Can you pick up Name in selector? plz use ui explorer and select attributes and validate and deselect and validate, keep trying it. you will end up making best selector.

it’s application selector must work on it.

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Work, thank you, removed the ID and keep only the aaname

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