Selector cannot find element, but suggest a 100% closest match

Hi everyone,

As title, I have problem that the selector cannot find a element, but suggest me a 100% closest match ones.

I would like to know how to select the element, or add percentage to selector (eg: if element is not found, I can choose an element with >= given percentage)


Try to search by using wildcard at the place ‘idx=2’, or else use anchor base if your target will be constant.

Hi @Elle_Alexandra

Try this Selector instead of your selector

<webctrl aaname=‘30’ matching:aaname=‘fuzzy’ fuzzylevel:title=‘1.0’ / …remaining>


Hi @Elle_Alexandra ,

In your selector add wildcard to aaname

webctrl aaname=’*’ idx=‘2’ parentid=‘thoigian_batdau’ tag=‘DIv’

aaname is the one which is giving the value from the browser for your selector. You can check it on UiExplorer also.

Letting the robot automatically use a selector with 100% (or definable high percentage) close match seam like a very good idea, that could save a lot of errors when an 3. part application changes.

If this is not already possible, i really hope this is in the making :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies.

My problem is that time picker has 2 column for hour and minute, and only different in class.
2 classes look like below:

Image of datetime picker:

I use keyword parentClass instead of idx and it worked for me.

Sorry for not describing more clearly.

I pasted tag DIV so forum cannot display it and I cannot find the way to edit. Here is 2 classes:


I use parentClass=“datetime-time-picker__list–hours” in selector and it worked fine.