Search By Selector - UiPath Explorer

I’m trying to debug a semi-complex workflow, and no one labeled any of the activities, so click activities all say, click ‘INPUT’ or just get text "DIV’ And maybe some little hints of what it might be. I want to verify what the selectors are pointing at. I can’t just debug, and highlight the elements, because some of them are not not being highlighted. I noticed in UIpath explorer, in the visual tree, it has the option to search by selector. Is it possible to somehow search by the existing selector? I’ve tried to paste the selector in the search field, but it says

Search by selector requires only one node in the <tag attribute1 = 'value' = 'value1' .../> format.

Or something like that…

How do I search for pre-existing selectors? I want to know all possible ways. Thank you everyone.

Hi… I think you can only search by selector if they (ui element) are opened…

What do I type into the search bar… like what’s the format. It yells at me every time I paste a selector into the search bar.

Hi there,

I assume the selector is unique for a given page, in this case you can simply paste the selector in the UiPath Explorer central-bottom edit box, under the Selector Editor and then click on Validate Selector button, followed by Highlight. A better way can be to open the selector editor window in UiPath Studio and then click on Open in UI Explorer - this will work if the Ui element is valid.

If the selectors have variables in them, the above options are not available and you’ll need to manually extract the static parts and paste them to the UiPath Explorer.

Indeed the Search by selector allows only one-liners.

I also recommend as (not so) part of the debugging, to take the extra time and rename those activities :slight_smile: