How to search for Slector with version 2019.7


I used to search for selectors (such as “”) in my workflow with previous UiPath versions. But after I upgrade to 2019.7, I can’t do the same for Selectors (and others such as assigned value).

Is there a good way to do so? Thanks.



Debug the workflow and based on that you can identify where the selector got an exception based on that go to Uiexplorer to change the selector


Thanks. @AshwinS2

But sometimes multiple places to be changed. If I can easily location all the places to change, it would be helpful and quicker.

Check the appropriate log message made in your workflow and try to modify the selector

You can open the workflow xaml file in a text editor like Notepad++, Notepad, etc… and ctrl+F to search for the selector.

Or simply export to Excel and use search

@sawaseem @DanielMitchell @AshwinS2 Thanks for the suggestions. I guess I’m just too used to the previous search functions and wonder whether it can be back. That’s fine. All your suggestions work.