Search for a selector in a big flowchart

I have to test an exception related to selector in a code which is not written by me. Can you please help me with how I can find the selector in a big piece of code.

Use the Outline Pane / search function if you know part of the selector you can simply search for it.

Dint get your point. Am not sure which part of the code might have it. Thats the confusion.

Hi @pritha.kundu,
Check for the only one selector manually and copy that selector.
After that paste that selector in search box at the top right side in the studio. It will give you a list of the same selectors used in the xaml file.

Hope this will work for you.

If its not too much to ask for then can you please showcase with a sample, that would be of much help

What is your studio version?
Community or enterprise?

Enterprise 2019.4.2

Could you please share any selector which you want search?

Have you tried by searching
‘imagenow.exe’ in the search box?
It should give you all relevant selectors from the workflow.


which search box are you talking about.

This search box or Project search pane

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At the top and below minimize, maximize and close buttons…

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Thanks. Got it