How to search for a selector

In Uiexplorer, how can you search for a selector?

For example in the image below, I want to find the ‘name contains’ field. What do I need to enter in the search field? I keep getting an error saying hat the ‘Search by selector requires only one node in the <tag attribute=‘value1’…/> format’

Hey @selrac

and to search on the basis of selectors you have to pass the selectos syntax i.e. <tag attribute1='value' /> format.

if you wants to search on the basis of Name/title then you have to select it from that dropdown and after it you can make a search and most important before making search either on the basis of selector or title first select that node and click it then you will be able to see its properties in the dropdown too.

and see after selection of a node you are getting more properties:


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I’m still having trouble with [quote=“aksh1yadav, post:2, topic:3483”]
<tag attribute1=‘value’ /> format.

If you look for title, which I guess should be something like ‘name contains’, at least the label, why I’m getting 'the selector is not valied. Is the tag that I’m using wrong?

I managed to find it by going through all the tree, but I’m looking for a way to find this type of selectors as the tree is rather endless.

Here is the list of properties I have for this type of element:

Your title has Name and you tried name, try with N upper case?

If it doesn’t work with title, try “name”. for eg: <wnd name='Name contains:' />

I tried with name and it seems to be searching but ends up with an error message.‘explorer stopped working’

I tried also with (can we use wild card *?) and similarly ends up with an error message.‘explorer stopped working’

If I try ‘right click’ and select set as target element I get also an error message

The tree seems quite extended and this might be the problem, but I was hopping to be able to search it to be able to see the selector

Hi @selrac ,

if you want to find the corresponding selector for the ui element then you need to go in properties panel >target expand it >selectors there you click on it clear the selectors you already have as it might be taking a wrong selector and then you see on the top right hand side Attach to live element click on that and take it to the ui element where you wanna need selector then you get the appropriate selector ,and if you want more accurate and precise selectors add the child elements as by default it takes only the parent (first) and the last element outline of it.
Hope this helps you



I get and error message when trying to do this:

Hi @selrac
That is because you are not attaching to the same ui element u initially did it for…try doing it again or else do it from a fresh selection and try adding the selector before running it ok
you can also do one thing see in the workflow if any previous ui element you have selected in the same page then you can also copy paste the same selector which is general only the parent and last selector code.

I’ve tried to search for specific selectors with the above mentioned format (e.g. < webctrl aaname=‘Desktop PC’ tag=‘SPAN’ />) but I always receive the error that the format is wrong. I also tried to use other search formats but none of them work.
The selector is from the > PC, Periferice & Software > Desktop PC.( I use this site just as an example for learning)