Required Architecture on Bank process of Financial Reconciliation

Hi Guys ,

could anyone say ,how Architecture will be for Financial Reconciliation process for Bank.

Naresh p

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Below is a Link showcasing uipath capabilitis for Banking.
Banking Automation - RPA in Banking | UiPath .

In Terms of Process - Robotics Enterprise Framework (RE Framework) should be able to cater the architecture needs.


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Hi Mukesh ,

thanks for the link which you provided, in Architecture Wise how can we showcase Financial Reconciliation Process in Diagram. Any reference on that. Actually preparing Document on that so Required information on this. With this Tag Line " How UI path will Deal the Financial Reconciliation Process" could you help on this Mukesh:)

Naresh p


The answer to your question would be preparing Documents like DSD , PDD , SDD.

Below are some of the links which has sample docs, you can customize the same as per your requirements.


Try the design generation assistant.