Scrolling webpage in Data Scraping


I am data scraping from a website. this website does not have a next page button for me to extract all data. However new data is showing when I scroll down.

How do i get the webpage to scroll all the way to end before extracting the data?

HI @Abdul_Khaliq1

Check out this

Get to the page manually and see any specific word is available at the end of the page and use that word as you uielement and make the scroll until the ui element reached.


hi @Abdul_Khaliq1
before using data scraping you may use send hot keys for scroll down or make pause while staring data scraping F2 then do scraping

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I dont have a mouse scroll activity. this video is showing for modern view i think. what is it in classic view?

You can use modern activities in classic too @Abdul_Khaliq1

Click Filter-> Show Modern

Then use that activity

We dont have that kind of activity in the classic as far now


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