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Hello there!
I’m facing some issue with the data scraping,

  1. There is no paging on the webpage, we need to scroll down for the more data.
  • I need to scroll at the end of the page and stop the process if there is no more data.
    I hope this is clear


We can achieve this by dowhile loop, place a unique identifier and put a condition in do while.

Inside the do while put a hotkey down, so that whenever the unique identifier not found it will execute the down key.

Hope this helps you


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Thank you for your reply!
can you help more in this?
what is unique identifier? and how do to i set in dowhile loop ?


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Is BOT able to scrape entire data or not ? Just indicate that data without indicating next page reference button and then check once

Thank you for your reply!
I didn’t indicate any page reference, my bot scrape only one page.

anyone has a sample code can you please post?

Hello @ifenilpatel, Have you tried using screen scraping with “Full Text” scraping type? It works for “page-less” data extraction.

@BenMar Actually I’ve to use data scraping only. as per my thread, I have done all page scrolling using do-while loop and JS file. but im not sure what’s wrong with my code my CSV file generated empty.

@ifenilpatel haev you tried using “Output Data table” activity and “Write line” activity to see if the data is actually being extracted?

@BenMar I completed that task I just misplaced some of the things.
*solution - Using While loop and one JS file

Thank you, guys.

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