How to scrap data in a single continuous page

I have tried using sent hotkey page down or ctrl down or end however it doesn’t work.

In Scraping DataTables, did you try selecting ‘the next pages’ option?

Hi the webpage is a single page with no “next” option whereby i need to scroll to the very last row in order to get all the data scrapped

I see.
Did you try changing this number?

Yup i did change to 0 but when i scrap, it only scrap 50 rows instead

Hi… @serene take a click activity for reference object needs to click last element on the page or take a page down activity in while condition with element exist activity… After reaching of at the end of page then start do scraping… it will resolve your issue…

Hi sorry not very familiar with this, how do i automate it to click the last row of the page? i have tried using pg down activity but it doesnt work on this certain website

walk through this video, where you will get understand how scroll until the desired element found.

  1. Open Browser
  2. Scroll Down Until End of the Page using While Condition with element exist activity
  3. Do the Scraping.